Los Angeles Times Review 2016

Russian conductor Eduard Schmieder leads the iPalpiti Orchestra of International Laureates in a concert Saturday at Walt Disney Concert Hall. (Dana Ross) Rick Schultz July 24, 2016 3:45pm Of all the death-haunted composers in history, Schubert and Mahler stand close to the top. Some of their most compelling music in...

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Almanac Panorama [Russian national weekly] review

We would like to offer a translation from the review in the Almanac Panorama (Russian National Weekly): Everything was so glorious and significant, beginning with the carefully thought-through program! How challenging it must be to combine in one concert Russian romanticism and sentiment with Gothic mysticism; how brilliant it is...

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Maestro`s Letter to the Audience

Letter to the Audience – about iPalpiti and the orchestral ensemble program “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” – Ludwig van Beethoven Dear Friends, Music is a gift that enables us to muse without words. “Music is the shorthand of emotion.” – Leo Tolstoy The name...

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Los Angeles Times Review 2014

Review of Grand Finale Concert at the Music Center’s Walt Disney Concert Hall “A dazzling international chamber orchestra… Eduard Schmieder’s art is all about communicating emotional energy through glorious sound.” – Rick Schultz, July 2014

OC Register – iPalpiti Orchestra Shines at Soka

iPalpiti Shines at Soka “Schmieder led [iPalpiti] with crisp signals more concerned with impulses and phrases than beats …they produced a splendid and colorful sound… and polished armor. The virtuosity was quite impressive.” — Timothy Mangan, The Orange County REGISTER, 2013

The Strad – Soloists Unite

Soloist Unite December 1999 “iPalpiti played with striking unity and spirit and had an infectious way of making music…All [artists] clearly stimulated each other musically, showing mutual inspiration and respect.”
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